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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Touch Wedding Studio --- Kuching

So, today I'm going to blog about my pre-wedding photo shooting studio.

At the very first, I've chose Jacky Studio (kuching) to take my shooting, but I ended up with Touch wedding studio (kuching). As we all knew, wedding studio was very cunning in b'ness, but I had predicted all the circumstanses that I'm going to meet, I think I'm "kinda" well prepared for all those.

It was very last minute to substitute Touch wedding as one, so I had no time to go through all the detail in the package. Plus one of my ex-college mate just took their wed-pic there, so I suppose shouldnt be any problem.

Everything went well until I came to choose my picture. I follow EXACTLY what was offered in the package, 21 poses for album, their staff was trying soooooo hard convincing me to add more, I was very determine to SAVE money so no adding in album BUT add a few pieces 4R photo apart from that 21 poses. I did upgrade one of my photo frame into a bigger size.

So total up I need to pay about RM500+ in additional. Everything sounds alright? Okie, so I tell them I'll clear all the remaining balance when I'm here to take my album (nothing wrong right?)

But! I was told to clear that additional RM500+ ON THE SPOT!!! Before I STEP out the door! At first, I told them I'll bankin to them once I'm back in Sibu as I diddnt bring my cheque with me + I had no enough cash for it. Okie, they insisted me to pay at least RM50 for deposit, and been telling watsoever RULES that we need to follow!!!

I was VEry pissed! Cos I knew they gave so many priviledge to my fren and I CANT enjoy any of it! I need to drive my own car to take outdoor picture cos THIS IS COMPANY RULES?!!!?!?!? I dont get it!!! NOT AT ALL!!

Okie fine, so I decided not to pay a single cts anymore until I get my album! Guees what? they told me I wasnt allowed to backout, cos they already proceed my order to add!! The actual rules they told me the other day is another version, which is : If customer didnt clear the additional, they cannot proceed.

I told them; If that's the case, I wont add any additional, I'll keep to my package! And the manager said: okie fine, so no additional!


Then we came to put reservation for the actual day wedding gown, and they told me the one I selected was FULLY BOOKED in DEC, no matter how I tell them to give me that particular one, they said
NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is what all I get from them......I'm speechless


Error Q said...

it is really terrible!!!

so how everything at the end?

lingadd said...

Actually Tuch wedding is the related co of France and Taipei, my cousin, she was signed up with France and Taipei last month to take pre-wedding photo, she also complaint that she need to drive her own car to take outdoor photo! What the stupid rules?? I have taken my pre-wedding photo at Jacky Studio last monday. Hubby and I very satisfied with the results of it. We also very satisfied the services of the assistants there, they try their very best to help us to choose the very nice gowns for shooting, even the gown is not in the studio, u r willing to try it (if u has seen it in the display album), they will arrange it for u when the gown is returned.

Anonymous said...

Oh yah, the most useless one i have ever heard from many people. All they need is money, They will grab just any chance to take your money away with no return even if they had made mistake. SO BECAREFUL!

angellateo_89 said...

oh my god !! its that real ? im just booking the package few month ago.........

Anonymous said...

experiancing the same problem as well,they are cheater.my package should be rm3899.00, now have to pay extra till rm8k++..still have to use own car to take outdoor picture,we should choose our own outdoor places,but they say too far la,not a good place la,at last..bring us to waterfront to take picture!!SUCKS!!
yet,must pay all the money just after finish shooting pre-wedding photo,we have'nt choose our photo for our album yet,even the actual day is still a year to come..still force us to pay all,crazy this people..

Love Is Cinta said...

damm..looks like Pearl Studio at Kuching is much much better..my friend did her shoot there and all the service is quite nice..her actual price is rm2688 nett..but after adding some photos it end up nearly to rm 4k..but she was very satisfied..lots of gowns to choose from and meals were given as well as their transportation were provided also..

Anonymous said...

i just went to touch wedding studio kuching for my pre wedding photo 2 months ago.....##%%%#

my package is around 3k, then when i was going to tested the grown and shirts, their service is very POOR ... and they just keep pushing us to get all the things done FAST! THEN FINE!!!!....

When i went for the shooting sessions, especially guys.. they just simply took a cloth or a coat to match with growns.. really not professional!!!!!

then during the conversation before, i requested more shooting at outdoor, natural view.... on that day, the just brought us to permai resort and the beach only.!!!! SO SAD AND DISAPOINTED!!!

Coming to the day to choose the photos... According to the package, i had 30 poses... but that day, i choose around 60 photos and they said will add pages for my big album and totally cost another 2k.. so, they offer me to have another 5 pages extra in big album.And the design will be ready in 1 month....

then, i just recive the design...
i said to my heart ' what kind of design is this ' !!!!.... they just combine the photos into a page. if that they call design , better i do it by myself!!!fully disapointed!!!
when i counted the pages, i was still stick to the packag and no extra 5 pages in big album that had promised!!!

60 photos in 10 pages of big album and 10 pages in small album!!!!!!
really small and most pages are 4 photos in a page!!!!

i paid 5k for this pre wedding photos session and all the products... so,


Anonymous said...


eleven said...

Hi Sara and all,

I am researching about prewedding photoshooting and found yours.

WOW!! Such a scam! and thanks girls for sharing your experience. I'll be careful.

Hope all went well during your wedding day.

Thanks again!

Donna Brown said...

Thank you all, im getting marry next year and now im doing my preparation for photo shooting and pre wedding dress. Reviewing all the comments and its all scared me out. im going to take out Touch out from my list.

Jessica Synna said...

Ok, noted. Thanks for the sharing dear. Will be careful next time.

Laurenthia Cassandra said...

i signed up for touch. before i signed up all the documents, i purposely told them that my friends before really had a bad experienced with bridals especially France Taipei. N i told them i hope u guys wont do the same thing. ( even though i know they are from the same company ) well.. i guess its depends on the package. they clearly told us about the terms n conditions before we signed up. i even asked them a lots of question regarding the package n bla2..co im scare i might being in the same situation as my others friends who had bad experienced with bridal. my package is for 3k including 30 free poses. 9 pre-wedding outfits n 2 actual day dresses.so i agreed n on the dress fitting day itself...i tried few dresses but ended up took two VIP dresses which is not included in my package. so i need to to up if i want to wear that. so i made a negotiable deal with them..since i wanted to add one more dress on my actual day ( so my reception will have 2 dresses n 1 for my church wedding ) i told them to give it for free on my actual day..that is mean i will only paid one time for the VIP dress which is only on the preweddding itself n wear it for free on the actual day. o yes..they agreed..so i took 2 VIP dresses for my prewedding which cost me rm 900 n 1000 for each dresses. but i got 20% discount so i only paid additional 1.2k plus the 2nd payment that i should settle up on the dress fitting day itself which is 500. n yes we had our prewedding photo shoot anywhere we wanted it.we were told that any additional piece of copy right they will charged us rm99. so i took 36 additional pieces since all the pics are good. but i dont mind to spend more co for me pictures are important for memories. u wont be that young once u got ur kids..atleast u can tell ur kids or ur grandkids how u look likes b4. now my total is rm7k, which is i had to pay additional 4k from the original 3k package. but i dont regret it since its my choice and they had explained n told us everything regarding the package. they told us if u add VIP dress in ur package can..but need to pay extra.so im aware with it..tats why i dont really mind. just one advice..u need to ask many question..be kepoh as long as you are clear and understand about their term n condition so u wont feel ure being scam or use by the company. same thing if u wanted to buy goods..u need to be details too. dear bride to be..be more details n dont shy to be kepoh even though ur questions is stupid or might annoys them. its ur right as a consumer thou. :)

Anonymous said...

need to drive own car to take outdoor photo! What the stupid rules?? I have taken my pre-wedding photo at Sweet Studio. Very good service & satisfied. there no problem with outdoor shooting because no need to drive own car.

Valarie Megumi said...

Hi Sara,

I know your post was years ago but I really need to know how was the outcome from them? I signed up with touch wedding last Sunday and come across your blog today. :'(

Anonymous said...

Touch Wedding gown so many is outdate and old.really dissainponted. Make people to choose their designer dress which cost above 1k. But me don't want so stupid to pay much... but their cloth.. haiz..

eternia said...

I had wedding photoshoot on this studio earlier this year. This wedding studio is horrible! I am adding comment to this 7 years old article so that people know it still sucks; and I am happy to save people.

First day:
When I went to choose my gowns, they kept urging me to hurry, they wanted me to take whatever available. What are they taking wedding photoshoot for? The available selections are horrible too. The ones which are actually beautiful, they charge you additional ringgit. There is one gown who costs additional 3000 ringgit!

Second day:
They picked clothes for my hubby. They said that they know better which clothes better match my gown. There is not much freedom here. When it comes to make up, they put simple hair gel on his hair, and simple powder on his face. Only those. When we go for outdoor photoshoot, the woman didn't help me pick up my gown and high heels. She walked off on her own with the photographer. Both of them are empty handed too. My hubby had to work hard carrying all of our belongings, and raise my gown at the same time. The sun was shining brightly on that day, and they didn't put any umbrella or shader above of us. They let us suffer while they took our photos from under trees / roofs.

Third day:
They were very pushy even though we had said that we wanted to stay 30 photos. When we refused all of their additional services, they gave us unhappy faces. And when I went upstairs to pick gowns for actual day, their services are horrible.

That's my experience with this studio, in short.

Valarie Megumi said...

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your prompt replies. As I show your comment to my hubby, now we are having 50-50 feeling as we already paid for the deposit. I'm not sure if it is refundable as I pay by card.

Recently the sent email of my original invoice number but when I asked them to send my attachment of the invoice, no reply until now.

Hmmm. I want refund :'(

Anonymous said...

can i recommend my friend to you? he just open a new bridal shop but before that he is quite famous already. the shop is near touch wedding, in front of boulevard. you can google shensnaps wedding.